Tacloban City is the capital City of the Leyte Province.

Tacloban City was severely damaged by super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) on November 8, 2013. Nightmares brought by the typhoon still remain in people’s mind. However, it may seem so sad to think those times but, Tacloban is already rising again from that bad dream with a greater strength and a brighter hope. “The strongest typhoon met the strongest people” that is the phrase that tells how strong and brave Taclobanons are. They possess the kind of ability that a person should have, it is being POSITIVE.


Why Go?

Here are some of the reasons why you should go to Tacloban:

  1. The people are extraordinary

Taclobanons are known to be extremely welcoming and kind.  They smile constantly and use their words conservatively. Even though there are challenges on their way, just like what happened during Yolanda, they still smile and know that there’s more to life if you will look in the brightest side. You can also talk with people there about the stories of Yolanda to believe for yourself how strong they are.

2. See how the City rises again from typhoon Yolanda

Tacloban City is now once again a place where every tourist should visit. After the typhoon, Taclobanons still fight for their lives because there’s no point in being too negative in life. With that, Tacloban City has a lot of improvement since November 8, 2013. Mall, supermarkets and other establishments are already back to business. There are also several hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and bars where you can stay, dine, hangout, and enjoy a nightlife in the city. The improvement of the City will continue and expect a more developed Tacloban City.

3. Dare to cross the longest bridge in the Philippines

Dare to walk the San Juanico bridge from end to end and see the beauty of the bridge of it’s breathtaking scenery.

To Do List:

Here are some of the beautiful places in Tacloban City:

  • San Juanico Bridge

       San Juanico Bridge is said to be the longest bridge in the Philippine history. It connects the two sister islands of Samar and Leyte. It is a gift of the late president Ferdinand Marcos to his spouse Imelda Marcos who is a native of the Leyte Province. The 4 years construction of the San Juanico Bridge assure us that it is sturdy and firmly built. It is proved when the Super Typhoon Yolanda hit Samar and Leyte yet the bridge still stood sturdy and firm despite all the damages it acquired. It witnesses the happy and sad events that happened in the Samar and Leyte. It has indeed stood the test of time.

Best Time to Visit

      The 2.2 km long bridge is more beautiful when the moon is present and the stars are watching over you. The view of the lights from the bumper of the cars and motor vehicles crossing the San Juanico Bridge is truly breathtaking. When it is sunny, you will not realize it’s beauty but when darkness will came you will witness stars coming down from heaven. The form of the San Juanico bridge perfectly matched with the lights coming from the vehicles plus the view of the sea is extremely worth watching for.



Getting There

       For someone who barely knew the Leyte Province, we have some instructions on how you will reach the longest bridge in the Philippines and see it for yourself. Outside the Tacloban DZR Airport, ride a jeepney that has a print of “Tacloban San Jose Airport” on its side and with a signboard, Downtown Imelda.


When you reach the downtown area, look for a multicab that will bring you to the new bus terminal. On the terminal, ride a bus bound to Samar, Sta. Rita or any other destinations that will cross the San Juanico Bridge. It’s a 20 minutes ride that is surely worth it because you will be able to witness the breathtaking view of the San Juanico Bridge.

  • Madonna of Japan

      A monument that’s making people passing Magsaysay Boulevard turn their heads is the monument named Madonna of Japan or Madonna of Maria Kannon. For the people who doesn’t know the history of the monument may wonder why is it called Madonna of Japan since it is in Tacloban, it is better for you to unveil the truth. The fact that it is erected in the city of Tacloban will make us think that it played a big role on it’s history. Madonna of Japan symbolizes the friendship between Philippines and Japan. During the World War II, the place became a campground for both Japanese and American (who helped us regain our independence from the Japanese). Filipino soldiers bravely risk their lives to help freed ourselves from the Japanese government. Japanese before was considered enemies but as time goes by, the Japanese government and the Philippine government tried to establish a strong friendship between two nations. Thirty-three years after the Second World War, the Madonna of Japan was erected that serves as a symbol of peace for two nations and a memory for the brave soldiers who fought for our independence.


Best Time to Visit

        Since the erection of the monument symbolizes friendship between the Japanese government and the Philippines government, it also signifies the embracement of the Philippines who is a Catholic nation to the faith of the Japanese Christians and gave devotion to the Virgin Mary or Maria Kannon. The place is best when you just want to unwind and have a peaceful walk. The monument is located on a hill facing Kankabato Bay so it really brings you a relaxing feeling.

Getting There

       Outside Tacloban City DZR Airport, there are jeepneys with signboards “San Jose Airport, Downtown Imelda”. The cost for the fair of the jeepney is atleast Php 10.


When you reach the downtown area, there are motorcycles which will lead you to the City Hall of Tacloban City. The probable cost is atleast Php 10.


Madonna of Japan or Madonna of Maria Kannon is located at the Kanhuraw Hill where the City Hall of Tacloban is also located. It is facing Kankabato bay.



  • M/V Eva Jocelyn

       Who could ever forget the tragic event that happened last November 8, 2013. Many lives were taken away and many structures have been ruined because of the typhoon. Almost 4 years ago, 10 cargo ships were wrecked and swept away by the force of the Super Typhoon Yolanda. Some of them were stuck on some barangays of Anibong. It was a big problem whether to dismantle it or pulled it back to the sea. One of the most visible cargo ships that reached the edged of the road was the M/V Eva Jocelyn. After how many tries of pulling it back to the sea, it was decided to leave the ship in its current place and make it as a memorial. A memory of how strong Super Typhoon Yolanda is.


Best Time to Visit

For those who survived the Super Typhoon Yolanda and still celebrating the anniversary of Yolanda it is best to go this place. The remnants of the cargo ship M/V Eva Jocelyn serves as a memory of how strong Yolanda is and how strong we are to survive the typhoon and continue our lives with a brighter hope.


Getting There

Outside the Tacloban City DZR Airport, ride a jeepney with a sign board Downtown Imelda. When you reach the Downtown area, ride a multicab with a sign board LMWD DIIT. The cargo ship is just near the road that’s why it is not hard for visitors to locate the place. It is the place where you can see the most visible evidence of how strong Yolanda is.



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